Drake’s Top 7 Sexiest Instagram Pictures

Drake isn’t overly flamboyant with his sexiness, but every now and then he’ll let a lil chest poke out to remind everyone he’s not that kid from Degrassi!  Check out Drake’s sexiest Instagram posts!  You’re welcome!

Bussin’ guns…

@ovojonnyroxx can't wait to get back to the city and work 6⃣🙏🏼

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Ay Papi!

Live on TNT I'm flexin ooooooh

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Late nights…

@ipushpounds early morning 🙏

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Ain’t nothing sexier than a lil side boob action 😛

Gym. Eat. Headline Wireless. Get Fry. 🙏 Today will be a good day.

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Don’t hurt em’

@ovojonnyroxx Tank got me working at the Palace!!!!! Push Pounds

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Imagine waking up next to Drizzy after a night of light-skinned lovin, that’s the angle this pic was taken from 😉

Pree show

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Take it off!

6 Side

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The Laundry: The Sexual Assault Case Against The Game Could Be Dropped Soon

This is The Laundry…And Best Believe It’s DIRTY!

The She’s Got Game contestant, Priscilla Rainey, is suing him for $10 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her. She claims that while they were filming, back in May, she went to a club with Game, who was drunk and high (what a surprise) and felt her up! She apparently wasn’t wearing any panties, because she says he violated her bare butt and va-jay-jay! Now she wants $10 milli, which is crazy! I understand that she claims she was violated, but $10 million seems like a quick come up scheme.

Anyway, the judge in the case called her out because she has yet to serve Game in the case. She says she’s hired process servers, but they haven’t been able to find Game. But the judge ain’t buying it, he says Game is ALWAYS saying where he is or will be on social media, so she maybe just needs a better class of process server!

Meanwhile, you’re welcome 😛

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The Laundry: Eddie Murphy’s 9th Child Is On The Way

This is The Laundry…And Best Believe It’s DIRTY!

Eddie Murphy 3

Ok Eddie, maybe you’ve heard of these lil life-saving things, they’re called CONDOMS!! Damn, Eddie Murphy has baby number 9 on the way!! E Online! is reporting that his girlfriend, Paige Butcher, has a gut full of Professor Klump (or insert your favorite Eddie character lol)! He already has seven kids with his ex Nichole Murphy and one more with Scary Spice aka Mel B. Now another is on the way! Eddie’s rep told E! they “are pleased to announce that they are expecting a child in May.”  His girlfriend looks a lil like Jessica Simpson in this pic or is it just me?

Couple more and he’ll have his own NFL team! Congrats Eddie!

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The Laundry: Chris Brown Caught Up In Another Beat Down Of A Female

This is The Laundry…And Best Believe It’s DIRTY!

Damn, Chris Brown just can’t seem to get it together to save his life!! According to TMZ, a woman who was partying with him on Sunday caught a mean Ike Turner at the hand of Breezy’s security! Jakaria is her name and she alleges that his security laid hands on her, and not in a Jesus way, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas! She told TMZ that she went to pick up her two phones, but security thought she was trying to steal someone else’s and you know how the old saying goes…”I’ma beat you like you stole something!”

Jakaria claims that Chris’ security guard grabbed her by the hair, shook her around, threw her to the ground and tried to stomp her! It was so bad her doc told her she had whiplash! Who does that to a woman over a phone? Chris Brown’s security allegedly!

Chris needs some new folks surrounding him!

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DistressedIMG_20150819_024051 denim has been a red hot trend for the past year and a half, and is predicted to be in full effect this fall.


Celebrities, such as singer Rhianna, has just really knocked this distressed denim trend out of the park. She has dressed it up, toned it down, and has just plain made it her own. Though, many celebrities have jumped aboard this trend, not many can say that they own it.


While it doesn’t look as if this trend will be going anywhere, anytime soon, there are some that are wondering how to spice up their denim ensembles. Many still wonder, what’s a distressed denim, don’t?


Well, the thing to remember is, that it’s denim. Denim is one of those things that can be paired with pretty much anything. Shirts, skirts, pants, and shoes, are great for mixing and matching to give any outfit that added umph.


Feel free to pair with combat boots for a rugged look, with your favorite stilettos for a night on the town with your girls, or a night on the town with your significant other. And though the temps will cool just a bit in fall, sandals will still be an acceptable accessory to your denim ensemble.


So, as we gear up for fall fashion, make sure you forge ahead, men, women, boys and girls, by putting distressed denim on your list of ‘must haves’ for your fall wardrobe. And remember, no matter how you rock it, just make it your own.



FOOT FETISH: Hottest Summer Toenail Trends

IMG_20150727_162728Summertime is full of beach trips & poolside lounging. With minimal clothing, bare feet, sandals, and flip flops just comes along with the territory.

IMG_20150727_162614 IMG_20150727_163044

While many are keeping their sculpted, chic, and curvy bodies in the hottest summer fashions, they’re also opting to keep their toes embellished with this summer’s trendiest toenail designs.


Though adding a little color to the toenails, is certainly nothing new, many women are taking their toenails to the next level and beyond. Pulling out all of the stops, to keep those feet popping while having a little fun in the sun. And our favorite celebs are definitely leading the charge.


What are some of this summer’s hottest toenail trends, you may ask? Well, bold and bright are the way to go. From tropical, beachy designs, to characters from this years’ toprated superhero and animated movies, such as Universal Pictures’ “Minions” movie.


Though there are an array of colors that can be mixed and matched to compliment a banging pedicure, the top colors this summer range from oranges, yellows, hot pinks, and exotic blues, just to name few. Whether dots, trees, flowers, or geometric designs, the possibilities are endless when giving a life to your toes. Make sure, though, you do what works for your personal style, foot, and toe shape.


So, as you head out on your next summer venture, picnic, or just sitting at the community pool, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat and show off those feet.



HONEY BUN: The ‘Man Bun’ Trend

As the summer heat continues to set fire to fashion and style, there has been an influx of men, rocking the ‘bun’ hairstyle.

 IMG_20150713_232055                                           IMG_20150713_232123

This ancient Roman hairstyle has taken the world by storm. Celebrities, from One Direction’s Harry Styles, to actor and bad boy Collin Ferrell, have been captured on many occasions, red carpet included, rocking the man bun with their own little twist, of course.


Who’s best suited for the ‘man bun’, you may ask? Well, it seems that the only real requirement is long hair. Some men have gone so far as to add extensions to achieve the desired look. This trend knows no bounds. It has transcended all ethnicities, young and old. Whether professional or recreational, the man bun continues to blossom.

IMG_20150713_232357 IMG_20150713_232240 IMG_20150713_232220

Women, for many years have resorted to the trusty bun hairstyle on those bad hair days, but it seems as if the men want in on the action, also. They are keeping those rubber bands, twist bands, and scrunchies handy. And they have become quite creative, i might add. Wearing their buns to the side, to the back, and  more recently, the top knot. However, some do go a little far, and are downright comical.

IMG_20150713_232334 IMG_20150713_232613

I find the trend quite interesting, but I have mixed feelings about it. There are some men, though, who can pull the bun off a lot better than others. However, many men are opting to go to the salon to find the proper bun for their own unique style.

IMG_20150713_232451 IMG_20150713_232431

What are your thoughts on the man bun a.k.a. the ‘honey’ bun? Is it a good look for your significant other or potential mate? My feelings are, though I am not a huge fan, I can see how women are drawn to a man not afraid to step outside of the hairstyle box, it’s just not right for me.

IMG_20150713_232149 IMG_20150713_232303