Flavor Flav Pleads No Contest To DUI

This is The Laundry…And Best Believe It’s DIRTY!

On Monday, Flavor Flav pleaded no contest to misdemeanor driving under the influence in a Las Vegas case stemming from a traffic stop last May.  He has some weed residue in his system when cops caught him doing 87 in a 65 mph zone! He was fined $685 and ordered to attend a victim impact panel and drunken driving school.

Do You Think Having Weed In Your System Should Be Considered A DUI?

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Cam Newton Called ‘Boy’ By White NFL Player

People love to say race has nothing to do with it, but using the term ‘boy,’ when talking about an African-American player seems suspect to me! Bill Romanowski sent out a tweet direct at Cam after he walked out of his press conference, that’s real suspect, it definitely deserves a side-eye! He tweeted:



He went on to apologize:


What do you think? Was it racist?

Do You Think It Was Racist Or About His Maturity?

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The Top 10 Funniest 50 Cent And Vivica Fox Shade Instagram Memes

You know the Instagram meme wizards jumped on this shade between the two exes, 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox!  Hilarious…to say the least! Which is your favorite?  Drop comments below!












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HONEY BUN: The ‘Man Bun’ Trend

As the summer heat continues to set fire to fashion and style, there has been an influx of men, rocking the ‘bun’ hairstyle.

 IMG_20150713_232055                                           IMG_20150713_232123

This ancient Roman hairstyle has taken the world by storm. Celebrities, from One Direction’s Harry Styles, to actor and bad boy Collin Ferrell, have been captured on many occasions, red carpet included, rocking the man bun with their own little twist, of course.


Who’s best suited for the ‘man bun’, you may ask? Well, it seems that the only real requirement is long hair. Some men have gone so far as to add extensions to achieve the desired look. This trend knows no bounds. It has transcended all ethnicities, young and old. Whether professional or recreational, the man bun continues to blossom.

IMG_20150713_232357 IMG_20150713_232240 IMG_20150713_232220

Women, for many years have resorted to the trusty bun hairstyle on those bad hair days, but it seems as if the men want in on the action, also. They are keeping those rubber bands, twist bands, and scrunchies handy. And they have become quite creative, i might add. Wearing their buns to the side, to the back, and  more recently, the top knot. However, some do go a little far, and are downright comical.

IMG_20150713_232334 IMG_20150713_232613

I find the trend quite interesting, but I have mixed feelings about it. There are some men, though, who can pull the bun off a lot better than others. However, many men are opting to go to the salon to find the proper bun for their own unique style.

IMG_20150713_232451 IMG_20150713_232431

What are your thoughts on the man bun a.k.a. the ‘honey’ bun? Is it a good look for your significant other or potential mate? My feelings are, though I am not a huge fan, I can see how women are drawn to a man not afraid to step outside of the hairstyle box, it’s just not right for me.

IMG_20150713_232149 IMG_20150713_232303


#EmpowerTheCommunity: Good Girls Rock Is Looking For Volunteers!

I #EmpowerTheCommunity!! It’s more than a hashtag to me, it’s a way of LIFE! I want to connect you to community resources, events and opportunities that will help you or allow you to help someone else!  If you have a FREE community event, email me 26Talent@gmail.com!

Good Girls Rock and Sheena in Statesville need your help! Have you ever thought about making a difference? Want to help the next generation grow to be successful adults? Check out this volunteer opportunity below!


Who: Good Girls Rock

What: Volunteer Orientation

When: Saturday June 20th from 2:00pm-5:00pm

Public Library in Statesville, NC

Why: Trying to gather all the positive women and role models to sign up to become a team leader/mentor to the young ladies in the Statesville area (Iredell Co). A light lunch will be provided!

Contact: Program Director Venessa Gill at (704) 876-6585 or Email at Sugary96@aol.com!

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