The Laundry: The Sexual Assault Case Against The Game Could Be Dropped Soon

This is The Laundry…And Best Believe It’s DIRTY!

The She’s Got Game contestant, Priscilla Rainey, is suing him for $10 million for allegedly sexually assaulting her. She claims that while they were filming, back in May, she went to a club with Game, who was drunk and high (what a surprise) and felt her up! She apparently wasn’t wearing any panties, because she says he violated her bare butt and va-jay-jay! Now she wants $10 milli, which is crazy! I understand that she claims she was violated, but $10 million seems like a quick come up scheme.

Anyway, the judge in the case called her out because she has yet to serve Game in the case. She says she’s hired process servers, but they haven’t been able to find Game. But the judge ain’t buying it, he says Game is ALWAYS saying where he is or will be on social media, so she maybe just needs a better class of process server!

Meanwhile, you’re welcome 😛

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