#ForeverYOUNG Get Motivated: Quit Making Excuses, Transform Your Body Like J-Hud!

Ever have those days where you don’t feel like going to the gym? That’s why I started my #ForeverYOUNG campaign, so we can all motivate each other! No one wants to feel OLD…at any age…we all want to be FOREVER YOUNG!! I say this often, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!! But when you have other folks who are on the same journey, it helps! Also, use the hashtag #ForeverYOUNG whenever you are doing something to benefit your health & wellness! Email me to share your story, tips, healthy recipes or if you have a free health, fitness or wellness event at YasminFOREVERYoung@gmail.com!

We all saw Jennifer Hudson’s AMAZING transformation and sometimes we think, “oh she’s a celebrity, she has professionals who help make her look good,” and end up getting discouraged!

But there are people right here in the Charlotte area, just like yourself, who are making the transformation themselves. And trust and believe it is not easy, it’s a journey. With that said, Keisha Michelle shares her story and some tips that have helped her along the way!

Keisha Michelle’s Story

“As far as my weight loss journey, I’ve attempted several times to loss weight but I didn’t notice a change until this particular weight loss journey I believe it’s because I’m trying to create a lifestyle change. I’ve lost a total of 26 pounds since January I ate clean and exercised daily. I cut out dairy meat, poultry, and even fish and began to adapt to a more vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I don’t want to classify myself as a vegan or vegetarian because what I choose to consume may change, it really depends on how my body responds, I’ve actually ate dairy. Usually around that time of the month I crave cheese and chocolate so I have eaten both I don’t feel like I should deprive myself. Recently I’ve been working around a hectic schedule so I haven’t been to the gym as much as I’d like but I still incorporate a few exercises through out my day. This is more than just losing weight, I know it won’t be perfect and what I do may not work for everyone else but it’s a journey that I am embracing for a better me.” ~ Keisha

Yasmin Young, Yasmin

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